Fraud Prevention

For over 10 years, we have been working with clients to combat frauds in various marketing campaigns. Our expertise and technology distilled to a suite called Quality Vision which allows our partners to visualize the quality of their marketing channels and to accurately gauge their actual ROI. It offers both fraud detection and fraud prevention capability for a range of various campaigns and scenarios.

Frauds We Prevent:

Registration Fraud

Registration fraud is common in many advertising campaigns use a CPA (cost-per-action) model. Also, some trial redemption campaigns also find the same consumer making multiple registrations with different contact information. This kind of duplication is costly and directly affect the ROI of the marketing campaigns. Quality Vision helps marketers eliminate the duplication (de-duplication) and saves costs.

Survey Fraud

Backed by over 10 years of experience working with almost all leading market research companies in the world, we understand their requirement for quality. Quality Vision offers an ideal solution for market research companies and panel companies to safeguard the quality of their survey responses. We use various technologies and algorithms to weed out both casual and professional fraudulent survey respondents in projects. Alternatively, we work with panels to clean up their databases.

Ad Fraud

 Ad fraud is a risk whether the ad is bought through RTB, search or placement. Ad fraud generally refers to two types of fraud – impression fraud and click fraud. In terms of how fraud is produced, they are categorized into bot and human. Quality Vision tackles all of them. We call into action a broad array of technologies to identify bots and organized viewing or clicking on ads

Our Fraud Prevention Solutions

We deploy the most advanced cross-browsers device fingerprinting technologies as well as AI computing to identify fraud patterns. For different use cases, we provide various solutions for prevention of fraud while ensuring genuine users are not affected

Direct Blocking versus Data Clean-up

Quality Vision offers two options. You may choose to immediately block any fraud traffic or you may choose to just identify it before you do something on it later. The choice depends on the nature of your marketing project. If you are an agency which does not want to disappoint your client with duplicated registration for a marketing campaign, you may want to block this on the spot. If your project flow allows the buffer time for you to clean up your registrations before you present the registration list to your client, you may choose to let the fraud traffic go through before you prune the bad registrations at a later stage. In both cases, you will get all the detailed analysis and reports.

Device Fingerprint and AI

Ignite Vision continuously works on R&D on the cutting edge device fingerprint technology. Using IP addresses and cookies to combat fraud belongs to the Stone Age. Quality Vision is making use of latest research and AI development to present a solution which successfully conquers the challenge of cross-browser and cross-device frauds. Although this is extremely demanding on computation power, our big data technology based on Hadoop framework can deliver the fraud judgement within fraction of a second.

Traffic Quality Analytics

Quality Vision offers 3 types of reports. One, the overall dashboard view of all your channels. Two, quality scores and ROI of individual channels. Three, details and judgement about each impression, click or registration. These are basically all that is needed by a marketer to fully understand about the quality of traffic coming into the campaigns.

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