Performance Marketing

We work with you to enhance your marketing ROI

We help companies achieve measurable marketing objectives through various campaigns and channels. Typically we work with our clients to achieve KPIs such as the number of orders, members, enquiries, social media followers and game players.  We provide value by enabling our clients to get to a large number of right channels within a short time. Ignite Vision operates a number of marketing platforms, each with its unique mix of channel resources. They cover a full range of channel solutions which include online, mobile, social media and video. We work on all sorts of CPS, CPA, CPL, CPI, CPC and CPM models depending on the nature of the projects

Affiliate Marketing

ChineseAN is the world’s first affiliate network that covers Chinese websites in all parts of the world.

Consumer Engagement

OfferWOW is a platform which lets brand acquire brand followers, trial consumers and respondents to surveys.

Consumer Loyalty Community

Fun Money is loyalty community of consumers who look for fun and benefits. We now serve Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Influencer Marketing

Starry is part of Ignite Vision and is a sister platform of ChineseAN. It aims to provide the Best influencer marketing solution to boost sales with the least costs and efforts.

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